June 14th – World Blood Donor Day

Blood donation is essential to meet the needs of hospitals and provide urgent medical treatment for patients with serious illnesses. Even if some people wonder about the medicinal use of cannabis, especially CBD, there are no impediments to donating blood.

Blood donation saves lives!

Donating blood is a fundamental act to meet the demand of hospitals and ensure emergency medical treatments, surgeries, transfusions, and care for patients fighting serious diseases. Many people wonder if the medicinal use of cannabis, especially CBD, might be an obstacle to donating blood. And the answer is no!

Can I donate blood using cannabis?

Yes, it is possible to donate blood using cannabis!

It is important to note that in the case of products rich in cannabidiol, there are no restrictions. For those who use THC, ingested or inhaled, an interval of 12 hours is recommended between consumption and donation.

It is important to emphasize that anyone interested in donating blood must follow the basic requirements established by the blood banks, such as 

  • Have good health
  • Age between 16 and 69 years (minors under 18 must present the authorization form and a copy of the ID document of the person responsible, and seniors must have made at least one blood donation before the age of 61) 
  • Meet specific screening criteria, which include checking medical conditions, medications, travel, and lifestyle.

So if you use cannabis and want to make a difference in other people’s lives through blood donation, rest assured. Your contribution is valuable and can save lives. 

Contact your nearest Blood Bank for additional information about the donation process and contribute to this noble cause.

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